About us 2

toiran.com is a user-friendly online platform and a pioneer in E-Tourism, which aims to win a bigger  share of this industry for the Iranian market.

toiran.com connects international tourists with accommodation providers in Iran and uses its platforms on social media networks to help travelers plan a perfect, fun-filled trip.

toiran.com offers hotel bookings and tour packages for different tastes, and will expand to offer other tourism-related services such as advertisement, trip insurance operators, transportation services and local financial services.

toiran.com is a the first tourism platform in Iran to allow international travelers to purchase tour packages, book hotel rooms and buy concierge services via international credit cards.

toiran.com is the first online tourism platform to offer tourists, rechargeable stored-value cards for use while in Iran. The holders of these cards can use them to withdraw cash from ATMs and to pay for all goods and services in the country.

toiran.com caters to the needs of business and luxury travelers, enabling domestic and international clients to experience quality travel and benefit from its customer service solutions.

toiran.com is a cultural website dedicated to promoting Iran and its ancient historical sites, stunning Islamic architecture, delicious cuisine as well as natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, forests and even deserts.

toiran.com is an informative website which uses its team of young professionals to gather accurate and comprehensive data, GPS map and photograph the country in order to provide travelers with original, necessary information covering a wide range of areas including city and visa information.

toiran.com aims to increase the tourism revenue of Iran by aiding the development of the tourism industry  of the country and promoting different tourism categories including eco-tourism, medical tourism, business tourism,  sports tourism, garden tourism, domestic tourism,  adventure travel and etc.

toiran.com considers itself a national project in which all Iranians are a party to.