Plan your trip in advance
Plan for your trip at least two months in advance. While most nationalities can receive a visa on arrival to Iran, there are rare occasions that visas are not granted on arrival. Starting the visa process early will ensure that you can enjoy the vacation you have planned for, without any obstacles.
Bring cash
Bring cash! We know it’s a hassle! But financial sanctions on Iran mean that your Visa and Master cards will not work in the country and you will not be able to cash Travelers Cheques. 
Book your hotel in advance
Book your hotel in advance and remember to have reasonable expectations. While we have great hotels, Iran’s tourism industry is young and still growing. We promise, you will be comfortable in the hotels we offer but bear in mind that this is a learning experience for our hospitality industry and us. We are all working to improve our services by the day. 
Flights to Iran
For your flight to Iran, you can choose direct flights with Iranian carriers such as IranAir or Mahan or international ones with Lufthansa, and Alitalia. Airlines such as Turkish, Emirates or Etihad Airways have small layovers and fly to Iran several times a day. 
Dress according to weather
Dress according to weather. If you are traveling with us, you will receive an email prior to your trip, informing you of the weather at your destination so you are not over- or underdressed.  If you are not traveling with, refer to the Destination section of website and check the weather forecast available in the overview description of each city. Please also refer to the Dress Code section of our website for tips on how to dress in Iran.
SIM cards
If you are using a SIM-locked phone, chances are your carrier will not be supported in Iran. For your own convenience bring an unlocked phone and buy a local SIM card to use here. For information about Iranian cell phone carriers please refer to the telecommunications section under the Tourist Info menu. 
Transportation costs
If you have booked your trip with us, you will not need to worry about airport pickup and drop off. We will welcome you and take you to your hotel. But if you are not traveling with, there are a few things you need to know. The cab fare from Imam Khomeini International Airport to the city is around 600,000 Rials (60,000 Toman) roughly 20 dollars. To find out the difference between Rial and Toman please refer to the currency section of our website. Airport drivers may have limited or no knowledge of English. We have a list of helpful phrases in the Language Section of our website, memorize or print them out and you will be able to get around easily. If you receive help carrying your luggage at the airport, do tip! The appropriate amount to tip is 3 dollars.
Internet access
Yes, there is Internet access everywhere! In hotels, coffee shops and most restaurants you will have no problem accessing Wi-Fi and some carriers offer decent 3G Internet. It may be spotty sometimes but it will work! If all else fails, never fear! Internet cafes are an inexpensive alternative way to connect with the world. 
Getting on social media
It is difficult to access certain social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter in Iran. But a picture is worth a thousand words! So when in Iran, Instagaram! Remember to use #mysteriousIran and share your spectacular photos with us. 
Some news channels are not available in Iran but many others are. Your hotel will have a number of satellite channels available so you can follow the news. 
Water issues
Stick with mineral water! Iranians are used to it but you may not be comfortable with our tap water so drinking mineral water is a better choice. All hotels, restaurants, minimarts and super markets have mineral water; you will experience no difficulty finding it. 
Skiing in Tehran
Ski holidays don’t always have to be just about the snow! If you opt for a ski holiday in Tehran, you can ski in at least four different slopes. Set aside a day or two to explore our capital. It’s a populated metropolis, it’s more modern than you think and it is the heartbeat of our country. Iranians love their green spaces and Tehran is truly a city of parks so enjoy a stroll through the park and meet the Iranians. They are lovely! There is no shortage of garden and palace museums in Tehran. If you want suggestions regarding where to go, what to see and where to eat when feel free to get ideas from our 1001 Things to do in Tehran page on Facebook. 
Historical expedition
If you are all about seeing historical sites than put Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd and Kashan on your agenda. Shiraz will show you the Achaemenid capital, Isfahan will offer you Safavid architectural marvels, Yazd lets you see Zoroastrian and Islamic coexistence as well as the desert lifestyle and Kashan will take you back to the Qajar era.  
Desert Safari
Don’t miss out on a desert adventure. Have you ever wondered what the sound of silence is? Well here is your chance! Go on a desert (Kavir) expedition, rid yourself of modern technology and hear the silence. In the kavir you can go on a journey of self-discovery, follow the Silk Road or do both. It will be a magical experience.
Bring your camera to Iran!
Don’t forget to bring your camera to Iran! You will not forgive yourself if you don’t take pictures to remember Iran by!
Tailored trips
Don’t forget, if you want a trip tailored to your taste or if you have more questions we are only one email away.