About us

Faranak Askari founded toiran.com in 2011. Faranak is an Iranian-born business woman who lived in several countries such as the US, UK, Canada and the UAE for most of her life before her passion for her homeland and frustration with lack of accurate information on the country compelled her to return. Her mission became to create an information bank on Iran and to introduce Iran to the world as a top tourist destination.

Her vision was to aid the tourism industry by informing and accommodating all different categories of travelers from holidaymakers to the business elites and by offering travelers a smooth, fulfilling experience of Iran.

toiran.com is a user-friendly, online platform and a pioneer in e-tourism. It is an informative, cultural website dedicated to promoting Iran and its ancient historical sites, breathtaking nature and colorful culture. toiran.com promotes, covers and handles all different aspects of the Iranian tourism industry. This platform connects international tourists with accommodation providers in Iran and allows secure booking with high-quality standards.

toiran.com is a national project that uses its various online platforms such as social media and weblog to help travelers plan a fun, quality trip with the highest standards available. toiran.com’s team of young professionals collaborates to gather accurate and comprehensive data, GPS map and to photograph the country in order to provide travelers with detailed city-by-city information on the history of Iran, its historical sites and natural attractions, restaurants and accommodations.

toiran.com caters to the needs of business travelers and executive, enabling domestic and international clients to experience a quality, stress-free business trip and benefit from professional customer service solutions. toiran.com is the first tourism platform in Iran that allows international travelers to purchase tour packages, book hotel rooms and buy concierge services via international credit cards.

toiran.com provides high-end services including: Visa processing, CIP (airport VIP service), airport pick up and drop-off, car and driver, dining reservation, event booking, accommodation reservation, professional bilingual guides, translators and interpreters, transportation and travel tickets and business packages (portable Wi-Fi, 3G SIM cards, unlocked phones and national debit cards).